Jennchem Australia was established in 2012. The company manufactures, supplies and installs speciality cement and resin based products for ground support systems in the coal mining, hard rock mining and civil industries.

Our related company, Jennchem USA, is a leading designer and installer of chemical roof support, rock stabilisation and ventilation systems across the United States. The expertise derived from being part of a global group and working on diverse international projects, enhances our ability to solve ground support challenges.

Jennchem’s central lab and test facility conducts meticulous and ongoing testing to ensure reliability and consistency of all products. Jennchem Australia benefits from, and contributes to, this global transfer of technology. We are fully committed to the safety of the people we serve at the mine site and to improving the efficiency of ground control and standing roof support at the mines through our experienced workforce.

Jennchem will continue to explore and transform chemical solutions into innovative new products that are consistent and reliable under the most demanding strata control challenges.