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JENNCHEM is the world’s largest installer of underground standing support and ventilation control devices, pumped from the surface of mines and tunnels.

JENNCHEM Australia commenced operations in 2012 following the major success of JENNCHEM’s USA operations established in 2009. JENNCHEM USA is a leading designer and installer of chemical roof support, rock stabilisation and ventilation systems across the United States. The JENNCHEM Australia business was established for the purpose of developing, supplying and installing standing support, ventilation control devices, speciality cements and injection chemicals in the Australian underground black coal mining, hard rock mining and civil tunnelling industries.

Since inception, JENNCHEM Australia has grown rapidly to become the leading industry supplier and installer of surface to underground standing support systems. JENNCHEM has also expanded its portfolio, now supplying and installing the complete range of rated and non-rated ventilation control devices.

JENNCHEM is pioneering the industry, with the unique ability to pump overland to both Maingate and Tailgate from the one position. This allows the mine operator the flexibility to utilise the surface to underground system to access all applications within an entire longwall including ventilation seals, standing support, break off standing support and Tailgate standing support. Other successful grouting applications include Longwall pre-driven recovery roadways, backfilling of gas drainage stubs, filling of false roof cavities and redundant surface boreholes.

JENNCHEM Australia operates an accredited safety management system to ISO 45001:2018. This system covers JENNCHEM’s complete underground and surface based mine site operations. Our safety record company wide is exemplary with no LTI’s recorded since inception.

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