Cement Grouts

JENNCHEM supplies a range of high quality specialty pre-packaged cement grouts for mining and tunnelling applications including cable bolting and cavity filling.

TD80 and TD80PLUS high strength thixotropic cable bolt grouts are regularly used where high strength immediate cable bolt support is required. JENNCHEM top down (TD) cable bolt grouts are suitable for use with all cable bolt products currently available in the market.

BU100 is a low viscosity injection grout used for strata consolidation and bottom up cable bolt grouting.  The application of BU100 grout requires standard cable grout pumping equipment.

J-Fill grout is also available in pre-packaged form for underground applications including cavity filling, plugs, false roofs, fall recoveries, pillar recoveries, rib stabilisation and other general backfilling requirements.

J-URR is a fast setting, high strength roadway repair cement, targeted for use in underground mines. It can be easily applied to a water affected area with nothing more than a shovel. J-URR sets hard and has an extremely rapid strength gain allowing for heavy equipment traffic in less than 20 minutes.