Pumpable Cribs

JENNCHEM Australia has installed more than 6,000 pumpable cribs in Australian underground coal mines since 2015. JENNCHEM’s surface based pumping operations are proven to be the most productive, reliable and efficient systems currently operating in Australia. The pumping systems are fully self-sufficient providing excellent flexibility in terms of surface locations and pumping distances. The entire pumping operations can be efficiently relocated to alternate sites in less than 24 hours.

The J-Crib grout material is sourced from local Australian providers ensuring excellent product quality control and minimal supply lead times. As a safety advance, this material is also supplied to site in bulk to remove the hazards associated with manual handling and provide a safer and more efficient pumping operation.

J-Crib standing supports can be supplied and installed in either cuttable or non-cuttable bags with diameters available up to 1,500mm and with no minimum or maximum bag height. J-Crib load capacity ranges from 180 tonnes (914mm Dia. cuttable) to 300 tonnes (914mm Dia. non-cuttable).